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Student Violins for Music Creators Students

Our Story

Music Creators is a music learning centre founded in 2012 with more than 600 students. Throughout the years, we are shocked to find out how many students are playing on a violins/cellos that are not properly set up!

What's Important for Beginner Students? 

We strongly believe in and understand the importance of a well made and easy-to-play violin/cello, especially for a beginner student.
A good instrument will inspire student to strive for excellence in music performances as well as motivate them to pick up the instrument and practice. 

2 Problems with Poorly Set Up Violin, Viola and Cello

The strings are hard to press down (nut/bridge height) and are difficult to tune (tuning pegs). It is also very time-consuming and frustrating for teachers to attempt to tune a poorly setup instrument during a class or lesson. 

Students who are practicing on a properly set up violin/cello have shown greater progress on their learning and higher level of commitment to their lessons and goals.

How Do We Solve the Problem? 

We started contacting suppliers to send us various models of violins/cellos and for our trusted luthier with extensive experience to apply professional set up to the instruments. We then began to test their strength and weaknesses.
Are they easy to play? Easy to tune? Stays in tune?
How well is the projection? Was the sound bright or muffled?

Further Enhance the Sound   

We have also upgraded all the entry level's violin, viola, and cello to a much better bow to bring out the full potential of the instrument.
For mid range violin and cellos, we replaced the basic strings to higher quality strings to further bring out the fullness of the instruments' sound.

Feel and Hear the Difference

We originally reserved all the selected violin/cello exclusively for Music Creators' students. After 5 years of consideration and building up a reliable collection of instruments, we are now confident to share and recommend these instruments to all string students and teachers.

We invite all teachers and students to play our violins/cellos and give us feedback.
So that we can keep improving on the instruments and make music learning fun and easy.